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We endeavour to produce a unique oatcake product with recipes handed down over centuries to give you the traditional taste of Scotland. We use the only brand of oatmeal guaranteed to be 100% Scottish (from seed to mill to finished product) from the heart of Scotland's oat growing country in the Banffshire countryside. This is where my family originated from and where the simple, but traditional, oatcake was a staple diet of the the Scottish farming folk.

Handmade Oatcakes from Perthshire, Scotland

We now produce our award winning oatcakes in the heart of the Perthshire countryside using the natural spring water from the surrounding Perthshire hills.



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Gardening Scotland 3-5 June 2016
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BBC Good Food Show Summer 16-19 June 2016
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BBC Good Food Show, SECC 4-6 November 2016
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Traditional As featured on UKTV Food's Market Kitchen 'Five of the Best' Oatcakes.

Sugar free oatcakes suitable for diabeticsOur best selling oatcake, the Traditional Oatcake is made from 100% pinhead oatmeal and has no added sugar or sweeteners. Perfect for a multitude of toppings from cheese, smoked salmon, pate and countless number of canape toppings - or simply on its own as a healthy snack

Traditional - Suitable for Vegans
Allergens : Wheat, Oats, Gluten
(No added sugar or sweeteners)


Sweet Oatcake Winner of 2006 & 2007 & 2009 Great Taste Gold Award and Best Scottish Product Award 2007.

Awaard winning Sweet OatcakesGreat Taste AwardWinners of the Great Taste Awards 2009Great Taste AwardWe have added a little demerara sugar, not too much, just enough to give that delicate sweet aftertaste which accentuates the flavourof certain foods. Nice with a lovely blue or smoked cheese bringing the taste of the cheese right out, giving a more appreciative combination of biscuit and cheese.

Nice with all sorts of toppings from scrambled eggs to marmalade.

Sweet - Suitable for Vegans
Allergens : Wheat, Oats, Gluten


Cracked Black Pepper

Cracked Black Pepper OatcakesJust enough Cracked Black Pepper to give that warming after taste, especially nice with mature cheddar, cream cheese and smoked salmon, in soups and salads.

Best of all, try with ice cream, on or crumbled through the ice cream, your taste buds go wild for that pepper bite with the cool flavour of ice cream.

Cracked Black Pepper - Suitable for Vegans
Allergens : Wheat, Oats, Gluten
(No added sugar or sweeteners)


Thin and Crispy Winner of 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2008 & 2009.

Thin & Crispy Oatcakes, made with rapeseed oil for a slightly darker textureThin & Crispy - Winner of 2 Star Gold Taste Award 2008Winner of 2 star Gold Great Taste Award 2009Made with rapeseed oil giving a slightly darker biscuit and more crispy texture. These are especially good for canapes, as they don't go soft as quickly, giving you more preparation time when entertaining.

Made with a slight amount of Demerara in them to compliment the toppings especially giving canapes that extra zing.

Thin & Crispy - Suitable for Vegans
Allergens : Wheat, Oats, Gluten


Cocktail Oatcakes - made with rapeseed oil - cut to required shape

Cocktail Winner of 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2008 & 2009.

Thin & Crispy - Winner of 2 Star Gold Taste Award 2008Winner of 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2009

Made to the same recipe as the Thin & Crispy, our cocktail oatcakes are the perfect size for party food, finger buffets etc.





Cheese OatcakesMade to the same recipe as the traditional oatcakes, with the addition of a nice strong cheddar cheese. These are a perfect accompaniment to cheese, as well as other savoury toppings, great with a blob of plum jan, or an ideal healthy snack all on their own. Also great as a nibble with a glass of red wine!

Cheese - Suitable for Vegetarians
Allergens : Wheat, Oats, Gluten, Milk incl. Lactose
(No added sugar or sweeteners)


Chilli Oatcakes

Chilli OatcakesThis will give you a gradual warmth when eaten, especially nice with chilled toppings, such as cream cheeses, cold meats, jams and ice cream or a minty raita to complement.

Chilli - Suitable for Vegans
Allergens : Wheat, Oats, Gluten
(No added sugar or sweeteners)



Ginger Oatcakes (Wheat-Free Recipe)

Wheat-Free Ginger OatcakesCreamy ewes milk cheese is always a winner with this one. Or try serving with a lemon souffle, lemon curd, marmalade or crushed through ice cream.

Ginger - Suitable for Vegans
Allergens : Oats, Gluten
(Made to a wheat-free recipe)


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